Three Filipinas were very eager, had the guts and took a vacation in Rome. It was our first time to travel without our husbands and we were very happy we did it alone. It was a very nice and interesting experience. We saw a lot of Filipinos there, although we didn't had the chance to make a long chat but it was nice to see Pinoys in other country. We are definitely all over the world!devil

The Spanish Steps   

One interesting fact is that you can drink water everywhere Rome for free. They have installed mostly in every corner drinking water so you can just fetch some to drink and can continue walking through the city.  A nice very gesture from the people in Rome. Thank you.yes

Filipinos love to make pictures, to show the world where they travel, what they do and post it in netz!sadsadcool So there we are, made a pose together with the dressed up Romans (see picture below) and the best things was, we were charged 5€ each! So just be careful and ask them first how much it would cost before you make a picture! Or else it would be expensive for you! Lessoned learned.laugh

A very important tip for those who wants to visit churches especially the Vatican. It is not allowed to wear undecent clothing even sleeveless tops are prohibited. So if you want to go inside a church in Rome you must wear proper dress code otherwise you must stay outside.yes


Filipinos are always hungrylaugh. After indulging our lunch in a restaurant, as we rode home in the afternoon, we went to the Supermarket located in the Central Railway Station and bought some food on our way to the hotel.  This way, it was really not so expensive for us and have some extra money for our shopping spree!cheeky What else, Souvenier is very important!cheeky


May was the perfect time to travel. It was not overcrowded as it is not yet Summer time and also it was not so warm. Of course a vacation with three Filipinas? You can just imagine we had a lot of fun!laughlaughlaugh 

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