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Bavarian State Spa Bad Brückenau (Staatsbad Bad Brückenau)

I live here for about 17 years but I haven't still seen many historic places and points of interest in Germany.  So, I think it is time to explore more about Germany and its beauty.

Our next trip was a small town named Bad Brückenau. As we arrived in our Hotel, we were astonished that we are the only guest in the Hotel and the owner said that their Restaurant is only open from Wednesday till Sunday.  In Summer season? No way! But that is the truth, he said that some Restaurants in the town have closed and only some Italian Bistro and Turkish restaurants are open.  Though Bad Brückenau is a very nice place but the town is dying.  There are no jobs. The Hotel staffs told us that young people find their luck in the next bigger Ciry to study and later live there. Though we were a bit sad about what we heard, there is no reason to ruined our trip.  So, the next day after we ate our breakfast, we drove to a very nice and quiet place in Bad Bruckenau named Bavarian State Spa Bad Brückenau or Staatsbad Bad Brückenau.  

The garden was so beautiful and is simply relaxing. The Historical buildings around the Castle Park are very interesting. An ideal point for short and pleasant walk around the park. You can also find a playground and a small animal park for the children.  



We will surely comeback here and spent a relaxing day in the beautiful park with all its beauty.winkyes